The cough that won't go away until a homeopathic remedy

Coughs are not easy to get rid of.   Chronic coughs seem impossible especially when even the strong anti-cough suppressants are not working and in the natural medicine world, the herbs are not even touching the cough.

And then there's homeopathy.  I have been using homeopathy to treat very difficult coughs for the past 17 years.  All kinds of coughs, wet ones, dry ones, a tickle in the throat, deep, whooping coughs.  You name the cough, I've seen it.  Not to forget the grief cough, it comes on after an acute grief.

This particular client I'd like to share her story.  She is a 64 year old female who was unhappy in her marriage and decided to leave her husband.  She stayed away for a year and then decided to return home.  At that point she developed a cough.  That was three years ago.  

She showed up in my office in September of this year, exhausted from the cough, a deep, intense, cannot catch her breath cough.  She had to sit up at night to sleep, because it was worse lying down.  The coughing was both during the day and at night.  She was prescribed different conventional drugs but didn't get the relief that she wanted.

Along with the cough, she had other health concerns, some digestive issues, headaches, nausea, muscle aches. And she had developed a lot of anxiety wondering if she'd ever get better.

I started out with a grief remedy, Ignatia and had her come back in a week.  The cough lessened just slightly but she was still suffering tremendously.

And I decided to give her Cochlearia Amoracia 30c, three times a day and had her return to the office in one week.

She walked into the office, she looked at me, and said "I love you, you gave me my life back, I want to hug you!"  She was now sleeping 8-10 hours uninterrupted, digestive issues back to normal, attitude lighter, increased energy and her headaches and muscle aches went away.

And no coughing during the day or night.

Cochlearia Amoracia is homeopathic horseradish, it's from the cabbage/mustard family.  That wonderful wasabi with your sushi is horseradish.  

Think about this remedy if there's a stubborn cough that you are dealing with and needing some relief.

Just know when the remedy is right, healing will be rapid and noticeable!