Our Inner State and Homeopathy

I've just returned from a homeopathy conference in NYC this past weekend.  It is prescribing remedies at the source.  What does that mean?  It means getting beyond your conscious, sub-conscious and into your unconscious mind.  You'll see improvement in every area, in the physical, emotional and mental area.   There will be a shift in your inner state.  

Our state is unconscious.  It's like saying we can't help ourselves when we're in a certain behavioral pattern.  Why do we react to a situation one time and the very same situation on a different day, there is no reaction.   For example,  why do the children's shoes in the living room bother us one day when we come home from work and the other days the shoes are not bothersome.  What is that state that creates that annoyance?

When we are in a state of dis-ease, how can we get into a well state?  With  homeopathic medicines.  Through this state, we filter the world around us so our reality is something we perceive and our reality changes according to the filter we look through at it.  

One of the fascinating things about homeopathy is that you can have two clients with the exact same symptoms and one is better from the remedy and the other one is not.  Why is that the case?  Even though there are the physical expressions that are similar in both persons, each one of them has his/her own inner state.  That is what I try to understand as a homeopath, what is that state and how can I help to shift that state towards healing.

I've been a involved for the last 20 years studying and prescribing homeopathy to my clients, family, friends.  It's been an amazing journey of healing and well-being for those I've helped.  And there have been cases that I have not been successful with in finding the correct remedy  but I'm always willing to keep trying.    I continue to grow and refine my skills to understand who is sitting in from of me and what remedy would suit them best.  

I've come back to the office with renewed skills, fresh eyes, wonderful listening ears so come on in if you'd like to have to remedy prescribed to you!

Yours In Health,