Here are some notes from beautiful clients I have worked with :)

Client Letters

Dear Roseanne,
I just wanted to let you know that I started to take the Natural Therapy and I already feel SO much better. I feel less depressed, less bloated and more zest for life. Thank you for your time, for helping me to grow and for introducing me to the world of Naturopathic Medicine. You are an incredible doctor and person and I am so glad to have met you.

Lisa Z.
Wading River

Dr. Nenninger,
Yesterday was three weeks since I started the remedy and I think there has been a change for the better. My anxiety level is really coming down, and I have been having almost no anxiety for at least a week now. My sleeping pattern is also completely changed for the better. I've had a hard time sleeping my whole life. Not only have I been sleeping through the night, but when I wake up I feel refreshed. I can't believe it! Thanks so much.

Karen M.
East Hampton

Dear Roseanne,
Many months ago, I brought my five and a half month old son Andrew to you discuss his eczema. One day he had clear beautiful skin and the next his face and neck were covered with red, oozing welts. During our consultation you were so patient and kind. The best part was that the remedies were immediate and we are so grateful. Today Andrew is a beautiful, happy, crawling baby! His face is gorgeous thanks to you! Please use me as a reference anytime.

Trish H.

Dear Roseanne,
I am writing to you to let you know of what you have done for me, no dermatologist could done for 17 years. When I first came, I was in pretty bad shape, my hands were very swollen, red and cracked. I couldn't do anything (wash, dress, clean, etc) without terrible pain. I had lost three of my nail due to the damage to my nail bed. Oh, I went to the dermatologist AGAIN and guess what he prescribed, cortisone cream. I was so mad at him I yelled "Doesn't anyone in your profession know of anything else." His answer was "My wife suffers from the same thing and this is all I give her." Well guess what, it doesn't work!
A dear friend of mine recommended you to me and the rest is history. Whatever is in that magic bottle that I take works (in fact in my case I would say it worked a miracle).

Thank you doesn't seem enough. Oh by the way, I am back to living a normal life by doing things without pain and without having to wear those rotten gloves for everything I did. 

With gratitude,
Jane C.
Port Jefferson

Hi Dr. N!
It's Dina S, the woman Dr. Mann sent about the HPV and the over stressed adrenals.... Remember me? Anyway, I have great news and wanted to share it with you, as I hold you responsible. I had a completely clean pap smear! No more low or high grade stuff! First time in two years! Thank you so much for your treatments! I just wanted to share the wonderful news with you.

Take care!
Dina S.

Dear Roseanne,
Just wanted to update you on how I am feeling on the cleanse:

Gaia herbs cleanse---Today is my 4th day
UltraClear Plus--Today is my 9th day

Now I remember how I used to feel when I was young! I feel wonderful. --legs have strength (usually legs are weak and knees ache)
--renewed energy (like in my 20's!)
--knots on wrists are gone (completely)
--no allergy reactions (usually blow my nose the first 5 hours upon waking)
--first time I've had a bowel movement after a dinner meal in over 4 years!

Thanks for helping me get better!!!!!!!

Thanks always,